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Acne Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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We all know what acne is. But surprisingly, even though it’s quite common, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how to treat and prevent it. Granted, it can be quite confusing and there’s no one answer for everything. There are also many acne myths flying around, making it pretty easy for us to be misled. But we’re here to shed a bit of light so you can get closer to solving the problem instead of worsening it. Ahead, top acne myths you need to stop believing and what you actually need to do.

Makeup causes acne

Simply put: It’s false. Makeup alone doesn’t cause acne. It’s actually more on not cleansing properly after wearing makeup, which can cause build-up and clog the pores with residue and dirt, that causes acne. So we say instead of putting down your brushes and face colour, continue having fun with makeup. But make sure that you cleanse with a product that not only takes off the bad bits but also protects your skin from acne naturally. Aiken Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser + Makeup Remover not only has natural acne-busting microsponge tea tree oil but it’s also specially formulated to protect your skin from acne-causing pollution and dirt. Plus, it cuts your double-cleansing routine into just one step.

Washing frequently can dry up acne faster

While cleansing is good for any skin type, too much of it can be harmful — especially when you have acne. So instead of going heavy on cleansing, we suggest you go for clinically proven products that help with just one wash. Try Aiken Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser. It contains Tea Tree Oil that helps prevent acne. It deeply cleanses the pores without leaving the skin feeling taut. Plus, it’s formulated to be gentle on the skin even while removing excess oil, controlling shine, and refining pores. Follow it up with Aiken Tea Tree Oil Toner that contains not only Tea Tree Oil but also Salicylic Acid that helps prevent acne and refine pores.

Moisturisers make acne worse

When you get acne, the first thing that comes to mind is to zap them a.k.a. dry them up. But while that’s good and effective, you should also remember to not skip out on moisturising. Dry skin can be more irritated and can make acne worse. When you have dry skin, it compensates for moisture that’s not there by producing more sebum, which we know is one of the causes of acne. So putting on a moisturiser like Aiken Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer is great because it has the hydrating properties your skin needs with a non-greasy and pH-balanced formulation in order to balance the moisture level. It also has tea tree oil that helps address skin inflammation Tornado Cash. Whether you have acne or not, moisturising is an essential step in skincare because it prevents your skin from overcompensating with oil, which may then lead to breakouts.

Squeezing them will dry them up faster

We know how hard it is to fight the temptation of squeezing your acne, especially because they might dry up faster when you do so. Well, in contrary, this will only push bacteria deep into skin and aggravate inflammation and may leave permanent scar too! So stop squeezing your acne but go for the proven natural solution – Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil, which can kill acne-causing effectively. Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is an effective natural antibacterial oil that not only kills acne-causing bacteria but also reduces skin inflammation. It’s known for reducing the acne’s size until it’s completely gone, minus any side effects such as burning your skin and flakiness. Just dab a bit of the oil on the affected surface and you’re good to go.

Now that you’ve learned what acne myths are, it’s time to address your acne with natural solutions. Get Aiken products at Watsons.

Fighting Acne? Here’s What To Look For In A Treatment

Take Note! For people who are struggling with acne, finding the right treatment is a different kind of ordeal. From lifestyle habits that you should supposedly change to countless treatments, finding the perfect one can be quite like a puzzle that’s not exactly easy to solve. So it’s easy to get lured into trying products that promise fast results. But are they actually safe for your skin? Ahead, we share what you actually need to look for in a treatment.

Reduces the size of the pimple effectively

More often than not products that are designed to treat pimples have the tendency to leave the entire skin on your face feeling taut. It’s not only uncomfortable but it also makes your skin flaky and sometimes even burns and leaves a scar. When your skin is dry, it produces more oil than it should. And we all know that excessive oil is one of the causes of acne. For that, use Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. It has antibacterial properties that not only kill acne-causing bacteria but also soothe the skin. It effectively calms the skin until the pimple has reduced in size and eventually gone without burning your skin and leaving dark spots.

Gentle on the skin

When we have bumps, the first thing that comes to mind to address them is to scrub. But that’s actually doing more harm than good because they create microtears on the skin. So do your best to avoid scrubs and instead go for creams that soothe. Try Aiken Tea Tree Oil Pimple Cream. It contains tea tree oil that not only soothes and calms the skin but also helps control oil. Aside from that, it also has lactic acid that gently exfoliates, leaving you with smooth, supple skin. It also reduces inflammation and calms the skin until the pimple is gone.

Go for natural

Sometimes, due to our need to get fast results, we resort to using fast-acting products that may contain harsh chemicals. While they do address the problem right away, they also pose new problems in the long run. With your skin, especially when you have acne, it’s always best to be gentle. Treat your skin with care and make sure to use products that are mild such as the range of Aiken products. Made with natural tea tree oil, which were first used by Aboriginal Australians as part of their traditional medicine and now proven by scientists to be able to kill bacteria and treat acne naturally, they’re effective without being harsh.

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